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Job description

We are seeking a Product Designer with a passion for finding solutions that allow customers to intuitively use our client’s products. The ideal candidate will be skilled at each stage of the design process but always focused on the needs of the customer.
You will work with other designers and cross-functional team members and will rely heavily on both qualitative and quantitative data to make informed decisions.



By partnering with cross-functional teams and customers, you will turn your insights into automated systems that requires proven leadership skills and the ability to execute a cutting edge knowledge.

More responsibilities in detail:

  • Set infrastructure requirements based on information from internal teams and costumers needs.
  • Identify new automatisation and improvement opportunities.
  • Analyze how systems satisfies market needs and consumer preferences.
  • Stay up to date on current industry trends and market conditions.
  • Coordinate with other infrastructure team members to ensure consistent and accurate communication.
  • Modify and revise existing architecture to meet changing customer preferences.
  • Work closely with costumers, consulters and  engineers to suggest improvements for products and processes.
  • Create a framework


  • You have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a SysAdmin/DevOps.
  • You are eager to learn and enjoy working with your teammates!
  • We are looking for someone who’s proactive, and has the capacity to adapt to new challenges with a positive attitude.
  • You know and are familiar with at least 3 of the key words in each group:
    • G1: Linux Administration: iperf, dnf, tmpfs, nc, egrep, atop, bashrc, tc, screen, cephfs, dig, sync
    • G2: Security and Monitorization: XSS, iptables, WAF, honeypot, falco, 403, graylog, auditd, sysdig, prometheus, tshark, lsof
    • G3: Cloud and Containers: VPC, GCP, rkt, IAM, launch group, StackDriver, CPUCreditUsage, Cold Path, kubeadm, lambda, zappa, docker-compose
    • G4: Automatizations and Architecture: SaltStack, pillar, fabric, awx, reactors, jenkins, CI, RestFull, Terraform, Haetoas, vault
    • G5: Service Management: uWSGI, fpm, nginx, redis-cli, mytop, upstream, pagespeed, monit, systemctl, salt-call, openvpn, postfix
  • You have ample experience with Unix/Linux operating systems (we only have 1 virtualized Windows equipment).
  •  You are familiar with version control systems. Git friends!
  • You can bring a lot of things to the table: DevOps, design patterns, pastries..

Madrid. Barcelona or San Francisco

Send your CV to [email protected]

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